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Hi, my name is Jasmine.

I was born and raised right here in Mansfield, Ohio. To my surprise, I have found a new passion and love for this beautiful place I call home - a love that didn’t exist 2-5 years ago. To be honest, I used to dislike being from Mansfield. After graduating from high school, it took approximately .5 seconds to decide I was moving. What I didn’t realize was it would be an adventurous 6 years of living in 2 states, 11 countries, and graduating college before returning home.

I had this overwhelming desire to see the world. I wanted to explore places I had never been. So I embarked on this year long trip to 11 countries called the World Race. From 2013-2014 I explored 13 countries, lived out of a 50 liter pack, slept in a tent/ hammock, partnered with local ministries, went on countless spontaneous adventures: like riding elephants, playing with monkeys, volcano boarding, skydiving, waterfall rappelling, zip lining, and gorge swinging. And my squad and I spontaneously decided to run in the Victoria Falls half marathon. That was slightly eventful, to say the least.

It was quite the adventure. But, it came to end, obviously. And before I knew it, I was on a plane back to Ohio. I thought I would be home for a few short months before embarking on my next international adventure. At least that was the plan.

But, what I found when I returned home was unexpected. I had this overwhelming appreciation, and love for Ohio. For this place that I call home. For the incredible people here. For the natural beauty here. And I realized, I was staying. I had no idea how long, but I was staying.

Fast forward to a year in a half later. I come across this opportunity to run Made In The 419.

Made in the 419 is more than a local clothing brand. It's a way of expressing the simple beauty of northwest Ohio. It’s a way of saying, “I’m proud to live here. I’m proud to call this place home. And I’m proud to call these people family.”

We truly appreciate all of our customers, and we’re thankful for having the opportunity to give Ohioans a way of expressing the love they share for their 419 hometown. Even if their current season of life finds them miles and miles away.

 Mohican State Park

Mohican State Park