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40 West 4th Street
Mansfield, OH, 44902
United States

(419) 610-2100

Custom screened t-shirts, sweatshirts, and casual apparel designed and made in Mansfield, Toledo, Bowling Green and all over Northern Ohio.

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  • YOU VALUE LOCAL JOURNALISM. In a world full of fake news, you care about the real thing. You know that change happens one person - and one story - at a time. After 11,000 stories, we've earned your trust.

  • YOU BELIEVE IN A BETTER MANSFIELD. Like us, you choose to be here. You're invested in this community and done listening to how bad things are

  • YOU LIKE THAT WE'RE A LITTLE DIFFERENT. You understand that the local news business needs an injection of fun and creativity to go along with time-honored values.

  • YOU WANT TO BE HEARD. Our member meetups and op-eds are places where discussions happen and stories are heard. We're on a mission to see this region realize its full potential, and we can't do it alone.

  • YOU HAVE SEEN THE IMPACT. Nationally recognized work that inspires action, a deep commitment to cultural life, and a staff that is seemingly everywhere has made an undeniable impact on the region.

  • WE'RE AFFORDABLE. Seriously, it starts at five bucks a month. You can do this.