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40 West 4th Street
Mansfield, OH, 44902
United States

(419) 610-2100

Custom screened t-shirts, sweatshirts, and casual apparel designed and made in Mansfield, Toledo, Bowling Green and all over Northern Ohio.

Craft Beer - Made in Mansfield, Ontario, and Bucyrus


Thoughts, mutterings, fits of genius, and other random bits of information from the team at Made in the 419, a casual clothing company and marketplace focused on Mansfield, Toledo, Lima, Bowling Green, Ashland, and all the communities in Northwestern Ohio.


Craft Beer - Made in Mansfield, Ontario, and Bucyrus

Jay Allred

We're fans of adult beverages here at Made in the 419. And we are REALLY fans of stuff made here in N Central Ohio. Mansfield-based news org Richland Source produced a cool three part series on home and craft brewing in their hometown. Thought you might like to check it out. When you're in town, shoot us a message and we'll walk across our parking lot to share a beer with you at the Phoenix.

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